September 22, 2018

Coast Guard Navy SEAL Training Program On Hold

Given the high marks and public praise that the US Navy SEALs have received since their daring and very successful mission to eliminate the most wanted man in the world, Osama Bin Ladin, many may question why someone would halt the two year old Coast Guard to SEALs training program.

Coast Guard Navy SEAL Training Program On Hold

Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Robert Papp did exactly that when he stopped the program last autumn and requested that Pacific Area Command perform a financial review of the program in light of tightening budgets and shifting mission focus. The cost analysis will determine if the funds invested meet the current requirements of the Guard and whether or not the program should be cancelled completely.

The cross-service program, initiated in 2008, was strongly supported and widely promoted by Commandant Adm. Thad Allen, Papp’s predecessor. The program was hailed as positive for both the Navy, with its increasing number of special operations in the Middle East, and for the Coast Guard, whose post- 9/11 mission was encompassing more domestic terrorism fighting capacities.

Though the program initially had much senior support, there were some that felt it was moving the Guard away from its traditional mission of rescue and law enforcement. Within three months of assuming command of the USGS, Adm. Papp put a halt to the program and initiated the review.

In January 2010, the Government Accountability Office reported that the Coast Guard continues to face management challenges regarding the effective apportionment of manpower and resources to missions that are increasingly divergent.

Since the inception of the Coast Guard SEALs Transition program in 2008, nineteen Coast Guard members have gone through a Pre-BUD/S Coast Guard training, and six Coasties have been admitted to the Navy BUD/S training. Three have earned their SEAL trident, and two are still in training. There have been no new Guard personnel admitted to the program since August 2010, when Adm. Papp halted the program.

According to a Coast Guard spokesman, the program review team of 20 people are expected to complete their cost benefit analysis in October of this year and Adm. Papp is expected to announce his decision, and the fate of the program, by the end of the year.

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