September 22, 2018

Coast Guard Responds to Tsunami Caused By Japan Earthquake

The Coast Guard is currently responding to numerous incidents caused by tsunami waves caused by the massive Japan earthquake.

Many beaches are closed and numerous marinas and harbors are experiencing dangerous conditions and have sustained significant damage.

The Coast Guard begun preparations for coming tsunami waves immediately upon learning of the earthquake in Japan, these preparations described here:

Here is the latest update on the Coast Guard response to the tsunami:

Alameda, Calif. –Northern California Coast Guard response crews are conducting the following actions to assess and respond to any and all impacts to area shorelines as a result of the West Coast tsunami:

  • Sector San Francisco’s Caption of the Port is currently assessing port conditions and evaluating all vessel entries into port. Vessels are prohibited from transferring hazardous cargo at this time.
  • Coast Guard aircraft crews from San Francisco are airborne to monitor shorelines from north to Drake’s Bay and south to Monterey.
  • The Coast Guard’s Air Station in Humboldt Bay has three MH-65 Dolphin helicopters scanning the Crescent City area shorelines and have observed damage to docks and piers
  • Station Monterey has vessels underway conducting surface assessment of shorelines in the Monterey coastal areas and diverting vessels to Santa Cruz Harbor.
  • The Coast Guard remains ready to respond to any reports of maritime emergency situations.

The Coast Guard is urging mariners and those planning to recreate on or near the water to take the following special precautions under hazardous conditions:

  • Check with the local harbormaster for marina evacuations and to make preparations for the possibility of a surge.
  • Mooring lines for vessels should be doubled-up.
  • People living or visiting tsunami warning areas should be prepared to evacuate.
  • People should stay away from beaches, jetties, and low lying rock areas.

Additional information on the impacts on tsunamis on the West Coast is at:

Understanding what to do and prepare for tsunami conditions can found at