September 22, 2018

An Overview of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary – What Is It? How To Join.

Are you thinking of what it might be like to be a member in the the Coast Guard? Maybe you have retired from your job a little earlier than you had planned or you have a great love for the United States and the waters around her. Have you often thought about what it would be like to be in the Guard but you have gotten older than the age requirements to get in? You should consider joining the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Us Coast Guard Auxiliary

As long as you are at least seventeen years old and in decent physical shape, you can join the Auxiliary. You will be able to take part in many Guard activities except those that involve military law enforcement. There is no limit to how much time you can dedicate in volunteering for the Auxiliary part of the Guard. This would be the best thing for those that suddenly seem to have too time on their hands.

What are your reasons for wanting to join? Would you like to a part of those out there saving lives every day? Maybe you would like to increase the skills you already have when it comes to boating and taking care of those in need out on the waters. Supporting the Guard and everything they do for the security and protection of the waters, the safety measures they enforce for the sake of the environment, and the aquatic fellowship they enhance are all parts of being one of the Auxiliary Guard.

This is a volunteer action that differs immensely from any others you may have heard of. The adventures you can partake of through being in the Guard auxiliary will be no less than exhilarating and fantastic. The things you will learn during your time volunteering might amaze you.

Being out on the water in a boat is much more than just that. The safety concerns you should have and the ones you know how to implement should be the first thing you think of when you are heading out to sea in a watercraft. These measurements are just some important things you will learn by being in the Auxiliary.

Another volunteer activity you can join in is working side by side with Guard members for boat safety inspections, port security, and many activities that deal with environmental protection. These are things that require great leadership skills and a calm attitude. If you have these things, then what are you waiting for in joining the Auxiliary?

Think of all you could do when you join. Being out on the water in a boat would have all new meaning. You will have a much greater boating experience than you have ever had before when you are a part of this volunteer group.

Start your volunteering by visiting online to find out all you need to know for being able to join the Coast Guard Auxiliary. You can be a part of this amazing group of individuals in no time at all by simply going online and signing up. Showing your support for the Coast Guard and all they do cannot be done in a better way than by volunteering to give them a helping hand.

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