September 22, 2018

Coast Guard Training – An Overview of the Training You’ll Get in the US Coast Guard

The US Coast Guard training takes place in Cape May, New Jersey. In common with other services, both men and women train together, but do not live together. It is different from other services in that the Coast Guard is not owned by the Department of Defense, but by Homeland Security. The training takes a total of seven and a half weeks. The first few days are spent being processed.

Us Coast Guard Training

There is a lot of preparation that can be done in advance, including sorting out the items you are taking with you. There is a list of items which are allowed, and you should be aware that all your belongings will be searched when you arrive. If they find you have something that is not on the list then it will be confiscated and you will not see it again until after you graduate.

Do not even think of bringing any contraband such as alcohol or tobacco as it will be far more trouble than its worth. If you do smoke then you should be aware that you will not be allowed to while training. It can be really stressful to stop smoking, so try to prepare for it well in advance rather than adding to the already stressful training.

The list of allowable is very strict, and includes only essential items as there is no room for frivolity in the Coast Guard. Make sure your bank account is set up and ready to go as your pay is deposited straight into the account. If you are married be sure to bring your marriage certificate as you are entitled to a housing allowance. It will also enable you to get an ID card for your spouse.

Try to ensure that your appearance does not make you stand out in a crowd. Men need to have short, neat haircuts, while women have to keep their hair clear of their collar at all times. Make sure you can put it up neatly or consider having it cut shorter for the training period.

Brush up on your swimming skills before you leave as you will be tested. Make sure you know your social security number off by heart as it is used to identify you. One of the first things you have to learn are the Coast Guard ranks, so you could get ahead and memorize them before you leave.

You may also want to practice the drill, including the military salute. It can be a lot easier to practice in front of a mirror before you go so you can salute with confidence. There are also the eleven general orders of a sentry, and these have to be memorized early on in the training. It is a great idea to memorize them before you go to lessen the stress of the first few days.

The orders are not difficult to learn, but it is one more thing to do when you first arrive. The coast guards have an important job to do, so it is a very fulfilling career. Coast guard training is very rigorous, but it does not last very long.

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