September 22, 2018

Coast Guard Recruitment and How To Join The US Coast Guard

Being a part of the United States Coast Guard means being a part of protective forces in the waters surrounding America. If you are interested in being a part of this protective force, then there are a few requirements you need to consider about Coast Guard recruitment.

Us Coast Guard Recruitment

Age requirements for joining the Guard are between the years 17 and 27. Anyone younger or older cannot consider joining no matter the special circumstances. You should also possess no fear of deep water because you will be out on the sea for a great deal of the time.

For those students thinking of advancing their careers through the Guard, keep in mind that a high school diploma is also a requirement. Finishing high school is the first step you must take to be a member of this elite team. In addition to a diploma, you will also need to pass a physical examination.

Some health conditions can limit you from becoming a member of the Guard. You should be in top physical shape for being able to bear up under the conditions of the sometimes unrelenting oceans. You must also be able to pass the ASVAB examination as well.

The ASVAB exam, short for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, is an examination to determine your strengths and weaknesses in different areas. By the results you have on this exam, you and your recruiters will know what areas you would likely be more capable of succeeding at. In fact, this test has been popularly widely used for many years for this reason.

Once you have passed a physical exam and you have required test results for the ASVAB, your next step will be eight weeks of boot camp. This is one area that being in the best physical shape is going to make the difference. Keep in mind that even though this part of training is hard and can be intense, the results are worthwhile in what you will have as far as career advancement goes.

Being out on the sea and actually seizing a vessel is one thing this military group does. This is the force that monitors incoming ships and other sea faring vessels for illegal drugs and other potentially harmful contraband. The Coast Guard has more authority than either the United State Navy or the land police when it comes to the waters surrounding the United States. Indeed, being one of this Guard means being a law enforcement officer as well.

The benefits of joining the military are great. Life and health insurance are just a couple of these benefits. Those people that retire from the Guard will indeed have a wonderful retirement. In addition to these types of benefits, you can have a great feeling knowing that you are a part of an elite few. Without this branch of military service, the waters would be the roadways to destruction for the United States and all those living on her soil. Your service will be gratifying and a great honor at the same time.

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